Two Signings back to back

Today is the Tuesday that is following the exciting changes that have been coming about in my writing world as of late.  Signing books, smiling and greeting passerbys, and talking with some of the most intelligent local authors are just a few of the things that sum up the past two weeks.

The excitement had actually begun back in March when I made a brave few calls.  First I called around to some book stores.  I called Moravian Book Store in Bethlehem, The Book Rack, and Another Story all in Allentown.  Each store respectfully declined my request to host a few copys in their store.  Then the Public Relations Guru inside told me to try a Cafe for a book signing.  The first one I called was the Hard Bean in Southside Bethlehem.  The man there talked quietly into the phone.  He had an accent that I was unable to place, but he chuckled at the idea of having his first author’s signing at his place.

I was so nervous sitting here in my office chair, google maps up, and a pen and paper in hand.  I had asked, “Would you be interested?” The nervousness surmounted as my eyes widened and I trained my ears to listen for the slightest hint of disregard, or unenthusiasm.  He responded quickly in his slight syrian drawl “Yes, when?”

I had months to get some sort of marketing scheme thrown together.  I had drawn up a full marketing plan with projections, target markets and so on and so forth.  It was then that I seriously considedred an intern.  I have and had a full time job, have and had a third book I was constantly trying to work on, and had little to no marketing experience.

The day before my first ever signing I was becoming quiet ill.  Anytime one of my servers said something about the signing I felt my stomach clench, as I clenched for it.  I could feel the unwanted anxiousness flood over my entire body. I thought on how happy I should be if four people showed up, but couldn’t stop hoping that one-hundred would.  Then as if all at once, purposely waiting for the right moment to attack came the fear of no one showing up.  The fear of money lost and the possiblity of looking like a joke to the Cafe owner.

Then we have the day of.  The smile on my face was ridiculous as Cory starts shooting away.  My mom and sister’s boyfriend came out to help set up. There were flowers waiting at the cafe for me that Cory had sent to say “good luck”.  Michelle’s cupcakes were luscious and so professional looking at the food buffet I turned out to have.  The spread was complete with biscotti, double chocolate biscotti (OMG!), chocolate ganache cupcakes, banana nut muffins, corn muffins, cheese, crackers, and dip! As we’re all setting up I get an email from Chris over at Moravian Book store who would soon to be hosting a book signing.

How could I deny that!

I signed on even before the 48 people that came out to my signing began showing up.  Two weeks later I sat with five other local author’s signing away at the oldest book store in the country.  This was another great experience in which I got the chance to meet with all of the other great talent that we have within the valley.

Currently I am planning some future events in Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley Pride Festival, and maybe even a signing or speach in Tampa Florida!

It was because of these past two weeks that I have been inspired to continue on with the work that I am doing.  People are starting to see my name and read my books.  I wrote to be read, and now I read to write.  The most I can hope is that others will read what I wrote….AND LIKE IT!

See you all soon!


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