Young Artist Syndrome…A reality?

There has been one thing on my mind all day…the web.  I went into work with all of the best intentions at heart.  I wished to relieve the older man that I call my boss and allow him to go home and enjoy the tender things in life (including the bottle of Patron I bought him in a lost bet).  There was, however, a problem that I ran into after being there for only a few hours.  I thought of it as “Young Artist Syndrome” YAS.

The young artist will sometimes become so consumed by his or her work that they forget about their real lives and work. This will sometimes allude them to the belief that if they put all of their heart and soul into the marketing and the development of new work that they shall succeed.  “I could easily make a million” I caught myself thinking moments before I came up with the clarifying statement that smacked me back to reality.

It could be quiet unfortunate that I had to come back as I was drifting in my thoughts of some of the things that I had been working on in my previous day off.  There wasn’t much.  It included setting fire to all of the dead wood laying around my mothers lawn, trying to comfort my terrified niece (she was terrified of me!), and smoking cigarettes in between my battles of getting things done and yet have that nagging yearning to lay down on the couch and watch Harry Potter ten times over.

Then while smoking a cigarette I thought about my website.  My website of minimal quality due to my minimal experience in HTML.  But then I thought of all the wonderful templates out there and how I could make them work for me.  Finding a site generating free material was only a google click away.  I designed my new site with and was well on my way.  Then I thought about my blog.  I thought about my other writing ventures.  And I thought, of course, of  writing my third novel.

All in all, (I’m wrapping this up quickly) It’s simply the American dream to drop everything that you consider “work” and go on doing what it is that you love and what you are truly great at.  Young Artist Syndrome or The American Dream, all at the same time can seem to be outside of the grasp of this lifetime.  It’s that giving up, however, that prevents most from succeeding, and giving the leverage to those that just won’t quit.


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