Is always being right, always right?

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You have slaved over the hardwork of putting your piece together. Now there is someone trying to criticize your work. Two questions, when is their feedback enough, and when do you stop defending your own work and own up to the feedback?

This question arouses within me from a conversation that I had with a team member tonight. On the drive home I was thinking more and more about it. I then applied that question to writing. I remember there being so many times especially with my first book where someone would give me some critique and I would push it away because I KNEW that I was right. More often than not they were right. Especially when my sister had pointed out a few different issues with some paragraph structures and story flow at the beginning of the book. Then again, I had to be right and convinced her that I had a plan and thus ensured that it was structured that way. She just didn’t read enough into the story.

When is enough, enough?
Friends and family are always there for you when you need them most. This is a statement that gets used over and over again. I had found, however, that while I was working on putting together somewhat of a final draft for the publisher there was an everlasting flow of criticism. First I used the name of the character too much, then there were too many filler words like, a, the, and well, and. Then there was a problem with the plot, oh and this paragraph was horrible…”did you really want that much religious undertone?” The list continued. This criticism, I had to wonder, didn’t seem as if it was so much constructive as it was destructive to my hard spent time and energy on this book.

This was another point in time where I had to weigh everything out. I had to unfortunately tune out the speaker at

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times because it seemed like it was no longer an attack on my work, but an attack on me. So…I handed them pens (red ones to make it special) and had them wright out their thoughts on the manuscript that I provided. Ahhhh, silence!

In summation being right all of the time is never a good thing. You can loose a realistic view on your work and yourself. There is always a time when you have friends

and family critiquing your work that you may have to tune it down a bit. I recommend getting a professional editor, or an ex-english teacher to preview your work and suggest corrections. If you happen to have an Uncle who’s an english teacher, well you have fun with that!

Thank you


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  1. Good point. 🙂 Nice post.

    Cheers, Niconica

    • Thank you very much niconica…I looked at your blog as well. Very intriguing thought patterns, and great writing skill! Through your writing you portray someone that is intelligent, has a love for cakes, and is definitely artsy. I must say it is very tough to work within such small verses as you do with your poems and yet you pull it off! Congratulations, and good luck with all of your future endeavors

      Thanky you,
      Caleb A. Mertz

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