Slowing down to move faster?

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Over the past several months there has been one thing that has been looming around every corner.  It isn’t lifethreatening, ugly, or even vehement.  I have known it to be there and yet I continue to pursue marketing and booking events that I feel may forward my development and acknowledgment of authorship.  With the book signings in the past now, there are other events that have to be tended to.  It is impossible to attend two events and expect to make sales.

Hours have been devoted to searching for upcoming literary events.  What about the other outlets out there?  Many other things sit out there waiting to be discovered in order to be used to their greatest potential.  Writing for, blogging, and updating my website are just a few of the other things that I have been doing.  Then of course there is the business aspect of things including trying to register an actual business name with the state of Pennsylvania, tracking sales and marketing expenses, and so on and so forth.

Yet, and yet there is one thing that has not been getting done.  I have written several query letters, cover letters, and pitch letters for publishers.  I have organized the envelopes, acquired addresses, and contacted certain contacts within the publishing field.  As part of my other blog, “Be part of something big!” you see that there are even promotional materials made for the release of my new book.  What about writing it?

What about writing it?

Writer’s blog has been a horrible thing for me.  Then again, I wonder if it’s even writer’s block.  What if it’s just my own unsettled thoughts and energy?  The words are before me.  I have them on the screen where I am to add more of a story.  I have it printed out and clipped.  There are questions for each chapter for those that are going to read the manuscript before it goes to the editor.  Where are the next words?

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I finally took a hiatus from all of the marketing, promotion, and writing.  Three weeks I didn’t really think of anything regarding my book.  Then finally, six beers in, the next part of the story came so quickly I had to rapidly find a pen to

get the thoughts onto paper.  I am only taking a few minutes now in between loads of laundry to write in my blog.  I plan on devoting the grand chunk of the day to writing out the story.

Life can pass us all too quickly.  I just said the other day that I was going to be 80 before I knew it.  The motivational speaker in all of us tries to get us to seize the day and make the most out of it.  Unfortunately we all too often associate getting the most out of a day with the ammount of work we can say we did.  I have found that sometimes slowing down and just taking a day or week to yourself can make the most progress in your professional and personal life.

Thank you,

Caleb A. Mertz


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  1. Hey.
    I was thinking that aspiring writers like us should do some writing together. As in perhaps have a writer’s challenge week, A night of write (where we all get online at a given night and reach a writing goal…) and more such stuff. You know to get motivated to write better and have fun. I f you are in lemme know and I will mail you more details…?

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