“I was having a Jeff Lewis moment…”

“Where’s my power cord?”  I had asked.  It took several minutes for my power cord to finally make it’s way to my laptop.  After it was FINALLY handed to me I said, “Next time, realize that I use this office too.”

This brought me back to my favorite Obsessive compulsive personality on television right now, Jeff Lewis.  My little buddy from the Bravo Network on flipping out.  This man always seems to have a self serving attitude about him, which makes great for television.  If you have never watched it, you should.  Otherwise, back to my moment.  It had used to be called, “catty”, “bitchy”, or just “mean”.  Now it holds a new dimension.

It’s not something that I truly aspire to be.  I was only joking around with the man that I love, and earlier at work when I told a server that it took her longer than 45 seconds to sit her ass down on a rack of glasses, I was again having a Jeff Lewis moment.  Is this really a good thing?

Having a Jeff Lewis moment means that you were very determined to get what YOU wanted, and didn’t care too much about how it came out, but that you were indeed expecting perfection.  In my writing I try my hardest to be a Jeff Lewis when inspecting my own writing.  I don’t want anything to be sloppy or disorganized, but neat and orderly.  Sometimes being your own worst critic comes out in what you do on a regular basis.  Is this the most effective way? Of course not!  I have always loved to be the nice guy (though that doesn’t always work either) but you generally get better results when you’re kind and thoughtful to the people around you.

I apologized for about a minute before I was finally waved off by my love, but then again he knows what I am talking about.  He’s not so sensitive either (being the GM of a big time restaurant) and loves Jeff just as much as I do. There is no solid way to close this blog, except that it was a random thought on my mind and I wanted to write a little tonight.  Even someone like Jeff Lewis, who appears to be quite the self centered perfectionist, has a side that isn’t shown to the camera.  Who wants to watch someone that is nice to everyone and expects the best out of them?  Everyone knows that feedback fuels the performance.  If your boss never seemed upset with you on something would you ever make it better?  Jeff, we love you buddy!  Sorry for officially coining your name in this manner, but then again I understand some of the times (minus the pee in the hair…)

Thank you all for reading this random rant.


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  1. Dont apologize, just keep doing what you are doing and how you are doing what you are doing, it seems to be working for you. if you change it you may find yourself going backwards!!! love ya! hugs!

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