Monthly Archives: October 2010

The writer’s hiatus

Good morning,

I have once again neglected my little baby known as my blog.  She sure has grown at times all on her own, and yet she needs that tender caress of the tapping keyboard.  The reason for my hiatus isn’t really as care free as it sounds. I have recently found this amazing website to help me out in the process of writing my query.

What has this site done for me? Well several things.  For one, I received marvelous feedback from a group of aspiring writers ranging from the novice to the experienced. This has helped me greatly with my pitch. It has also lent much support through the form of critique. Those that felt compelled to write a comment left me with the belief that there was something there that drew them in. Most posts don’t see the amount that I had received.

Second, I gained a new found friend from the “other” coast.  This young man, Austin, lives in California and writes science fiction. Through the chat room we were able to connect on a different level when it came to our writing. Since then, we have been going back every single day about our books.  I continue to feed him chapter after chapter of my book, while he does the same for me.  This has been the main thing that has drawn me away from writing in my blog.

So I ask, Is this really a bad thing?

Some say that a true writer writes everyday.  I feel that sometimes the writer needs to take time to critique other’s work so that they can apply those same critiques to their own work.  Just in the past two weeks that I have been doing this, I feel an intense increase in my ability to spot issues with sentence structure and many other little things. At this point I am only halfway through his book LEGACY and I intend to read the entire work giving my unprejudiced advice and opinions. They can be juicy and down right sacrificial, but he loves it, and so do I.

I have received other requests to review work in addition to Austin’s, but I may have to take the straight road back to my book. My editor has finished and sent me the result, but I still have yet to look over it greatly. My baby still awaits, so until next time I bid you adieu.

Caleb A. Mertz