Good Evening!

It has certainly been a day! It all started with being verbally accosted by some disgruntled servers, then the computers went down, oh and a $150 bottle of wine was refused and returned! Now what am I supposed to do with it?

Well anyway. I sat here wondering what I could write about today. I have been revising the query letter as of late. I also drove by a completely vacant sky scraper today and thought…” I want to buy that.” I also set my alarm for nine a.m. rather than the traditional 10:30 so that I could hit the gym hard. What does it all have in common?


There are always things that we think about or “day dream” about which can entice us to work harder, smarter, or to leave what we have now and continue on with something else. I mentioned it once before when I brought up the Young Artists Syndrome. But this, then, provoked the best imagination that I have. I will happily share some of the craziest dreams that I have with you all, in a dramatic way, written out in a creative form whether it be loose form, poetry, or short prose. I plan on having fun with it, while you get the chance to see inside of this crazy little head.

I used to have a dream journal, but it’s since has been non-existent. But what a great way to log my dreams by writing them out quickly, then reformatting them to read theatrically! Plus I will always have something to write about because I dream often.

Well, definitely let me know what you think about this, but I will be off to bed to dream up something crazy to write about tomorrow! (p.s. I will ACTUALLY get up early to make the gym and write!)

Till then,

Caleb A. Mertz


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