Getting to know someone

I was working. A young man, whom I have taken quite the liking to wasn’t doing much when I came into the kitchen. He stood back and leaned against the steam table to look at me. “What’s up lil man?” I asked.

“Nothing,” He responded. We stood in silence for just a moment. I observed what the chef was doing, while he organized the tickets that needed to be prepared by the cooks. I glanced at the cooks, each honing in on the particular dish they were beginning to assemble. I then noticed he was looking at me once more. “What do you do in your spare time?” He asked.

I pondered this question. What spare time? I asked myself. “Lot’s of stuff.” Was the general response I gave.

“Well, like what?” He asked. I looked at him. He was genuine in his question. He really wanted to know.

“I write.”     It was all I could say. “You know that.” There was so much more. Ultimately the view of a writer is that of someone sitting in front of their computer day in and day out. I wanted to explain more. The point I wanted to get across was,

I’m a writer. I live life to write. I try new things with every opportunity, so I can write about it. I hike, I bike, I play, I run all day. I eat, even bolete, I swim, I gym. I play the piano, I sing in soprano. I lay out, suspend doubt. I swing, I fling, I sing, and bing. I clean and lean, I read, I lead...”

The list continued. I wanted to say so much more. I had to say so much more. Why would I limit my life to something as miniscule as I write. Ultimately, in order for me to find new material, I have to live life to the fullest. I have to make the best out of every moment that I live to turn the experiences that I have had into something that is readable. I take the stories that I listen intently to, of other people. I put characters of mine in their shoes and begin a process. I begin a life that has yet to be taken. I create and manipulate emotions through written words. I woo a reader, and impress. That or I disappoint. Either way I, through my writing, have an impact on everyone that ever reads what I have written. To me, that is a world that cannot be fathomed by many. That is a world that, when written out sounds ridiculous to me, the one saying this ridiculousness.

Getting to know someone is fun! I have been taking time to get to know my little buddy, day by day. In these moments of innocent questioning, I love that I can find inspiration, and hope through it. Genuinely interested in his life, I found today a tidbit that has encouraged an interesting facet of my life. Something I may want to hold on to more dearly.


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