Monthly Archives: August 2011

Strange lights and Sounds in Allentown

Around 3:30am I was woken from my sleep to a disembodied voice. It said, “The earth has done for you, now you do for your earth.” I woke with the last two words from a dream about a bat attacking my face. With waking there was a red light dancing around the silhouettes of wind blown leaves strewn across the ceiling and wall. I stared at this for several moments. I couldn’t figure out what it was. My legs were paralyzed as I now thought that maybe the air conditioner was on fire. The light continued, and the air conditioner was rattling. It was then that I noticed the vibrating walls. It was as if a large cell phone was over the house. It was a pulsating, low rumbling, as a car booming base. I was finally able to move so¬† I lifted the curtains above my head to look out onto the street. The light was now gone, but the vibrating continued. I stood and stepped carefully to the bathroom. I still felt the vibrations, however they felt like they were further away. I went out the back of the house to look above the house, and up and down the street to see if I could find anything that would have produced this. Nothing was out front either.

I googled these things this morning, but found nothing. I had to write something about it though, just in-case any one else experienced something similar. Please post. Sorry this isn’t ridiculously literary related.