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Freelance or finally write my book…a dilemma

The strains of living have their effects on all of us from having to pay the rent to ensuring we can eat. Then we have the added benefits like car payments, health insurance, all of that delicious grown up stuff. Part of being grown up is making decisions. I’ve decided to direct my eagerness down the path of acquiring a doctorate in English (Hold the laughter, please). So as I venture down this path I’m trying to make some wise decisions here but I’m coming up empty handed so I decided to write out my dilemma.

I need money

It’s a fact we are all too familiar with, though I have seen some great articles on how to survive without spending money. In order to live the lives we want we have to make it. As a full time student I thought it would be best to maintain the position as a server at the restaurant, but now I’m not so sure. Yes it makes me money but it isn’t working toward furthering my chances of gaining fulfilling employment after graduation. However, if I continue working there but spend the time writing my newest novel is it really a waste of that time? Well perhaps if the novel is a flop. But you want to know something? I think this has helped me answer my own question. If I don’t focus on my own personal goals knowing that I do have an income, while not great, it’s still sustaining my living. I think the only obligatory writing I should be focusing on is to you the reader and to those of my future fans (once I release the NY times best seller). And to be quite frank I have not even stepped up into graduate level classes yet so to be fair, I really have a lot more time than I think I do.

Thank you for reading this far. I must say it feels great to write things out. As a courtesy to you I will continue this conversation as if the previously mentioned revelation never happened.