Good Day!

Thank you for reading through my blog and taking time to research the author.  My name is Caleb A. Mertz going on twenty five and working as a restaurant manager.

“With Thoughts of Jason” and “The Silhouetted Leaves” are two titles that have been published, while I currently have a new book underway which I hope to title, “The Unexpected”. There is a certain amount of experiences that I witness or become a part of, which I intend to share with the world. Ernest Hemingway has been one of my favorite authors, and I like to think that I followed his precedent by providing a different way of reading, and by drinking a good amount of booze, while illustrating my love for such in my writing.

I am confronted by the situation of finding an agent, and writing the query letter to get my next book agented. This is proving to be difficult so in my trek of things I initiated this blog not only to charter my adventures, but to hone my writing skills as well.

You can check out other things projects at, www.calebmertz.com. For the most part this will solely be a thread on the ventures of learning new things, tricks, trades, and my adventure to get a big name publishing company looking at my next book, with other fun things along the way.

Thank you, and have a great day!
Caleb A. Mertz

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