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Straight to business on query

Writing the painstaking query letter has proven not to be easy. Taking the entire story, wrapping it up into a tiny small package, and still hitting key points minus all the background, explanation, imagery, and art. I have fluffed, puffed, fumbled, and strained my manuscript in attempts to make something that is reminiscent of a professional query letter. I have only gotten a single bite, requesting more information from the query I  was using. I decided to change things up a bit, but found a conversation in the forum, which swayed my eye.

Appropriately titled “I am DONE querying” the young lady vents about the frustrations of querying. From this she tells the world that she plans to self-publish. There is response upon response giving credit to trying to query, but also offering support and encouragement for the process. I was distracted by this momentarily, but then got back to my query letter.

I stared at the blank word document. I wanted to start fresh. After staring and toiling over how I should structure the hook, where I should start, the verbiage and feel of the words and sentences as a whole. One sentence continued to go through my head. It summed up the entire book, and if phrased correctly could draw interest. I went at it. Cut out the fluff, description, and specifics to tell of what the book was about. Two sentences that wrap up what the book is about,

“A small group of Christians, deemed a terrorist group, must be defeated. President Andrew Rakford is the man to do so, but at the risk of being called the anti-christ.”

So the deal is, I have submitted this query to several agents. I have also posted this on where it has gotten some great feedback. Here’s hopin’! But hey, if I don’t get the representation I seek, I can always go it alone. (again) It won’t be a problem.

I Will Write That Novel!


Good Morning!

What an inspiration blog I posted last night! I then got to thinking, The new year is upon us Caleb! So true!

I realize then, as I am about to shut down my computer that I have yet again something that someone might find of value. Three years ago on new years I was playing with the thought of a hot new boyfriend after breaking up with the last. While toying with this thought I decided to begin a new novel. I was living with my mother (for about the third time!) and I spoke with her on a regular basis. She always had to say “You’re a mighty man of God” at the end of every conversation.

I took it and reverberated something back to her, but ultimately the wheels in my mind were turning. I wanted to take those words and warp them into a twisted version of what they could possibly mean. That’s exactly what I’ve done three years later with my book, “The Unexpected”. However, it took me THREE years to write!

Why can’t we just write a book in a year? Well you can! Writing can be an easy process to follow as long as you have a dedicated time to set apart for that special event. And I mean SPECIAL EVENT. You never know when someone in the future might hold your work and say, “this is GOLD!”

This is one tidbit that I have always taken to heart. Write as often as you can, or at any given scheduled time. There were times that I couldn’t sleep and I would email myself at Sprint speed through my blackberry to ensure I wouldn’t forget the ideas that were teaming inside of my head.

Try to write everyday. One lady I spoke with just the other day informed me that she wakes up and has her coffee, then grabs a pen at the last dregs and begins writing out her stories. I agreed that this was a great idea because, “in R.E.M sleep your mind is the most imaginative. Therefore, the closer you are to that stage, the more creative your writing can be.” – Though I realize this isn’t always going to be a true, it sure does make a great statement of encouragement to find time to write.

Either way, be sure to map out your novel so that you can revert back to it at any given time. Be sure to plot out your characters as if they were real people. ( I did astrology on my guys and gave them all birthdays just to get a good ploy on personality. I then decided how they would react in certain situations and translated that into my writing.)

So if your new years resolution is to finish, or begin that novel, DO IT! I believe in you, and so does anyone else that reads this blog. (I’d love to hear about your progress! my email is on my about me page!) So best of luck to you and may your goals be realized.


Caleb A. Mertz