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The road, my sister, and Memphis Tennessee

Tires make an interesting noise when rolling along the open road. You can’t really hear it at first, not between the music, the conversation, and the pure excitement of the trip. Each little rivet hits the macadam and creates it’s own noise. When this combines with all of the other little rivets and leading technology traction keeping devices there is a light humming sound attained.  I pondered this with window open traveling along I-20 out of South Carolina. I heard each car pass, even with the wind in my ears, and slight background music blaring. Those tires each making their own call for attention.

The grass is greener on the side of this fence

There really isn’t much to do when on the road with a destination and timeline indicated. If I had only given myself time for a full week or week and a half maybe we could have done more. Maybe I wouldn’t have noticed those tires, or checked my in-car thermometer fifteen times to brag to everyone back home. I felt bad. I was texting a lot, not really sparking any sort of conversation with my sister who was quietly smoking a cigarette and enjoying the view on her end. It was better now though. At least she didn’t have her bags on top of her. We managed to smash that into the back without damaging anything. Instead a pizza box with a half eaten veggie pizza was on the floor along with six more tacos from taco bell. I did think about food borne illness but let the daring mindset, achieved on this trip, take over. We would be fine, and if not; oh well.

My mind flirted with interesting outcomes and possibilities that lay ahead, or that could have been. I smiled, then pondered another direction it could have gone with that young man. Then I smiled and pondered what great people I will meet in San Diego. Then I laughed at a text message I received that was overly flirty. Either way I was smiling. There were times too that I wondered what my sister was thinking about. Every once in a while she would crack a smile. I’m sure she was visiting happy memories, or maybe even just had the thought “wow, I’m really driving across the country with my brother!”

I will admit it; when I thought about the reality that I was in, it felt funny, odd, and fantastic. Before long we were approaching Atlanta Georgia. Watching the signs on the side of the road, and occasionally asking Mary, “how long on this road, and then what?” always led me to figuring out where we were. I finally saw a sign for Atlanta, but then there was a billboard for New Orleans. Hmm, my mind began turning, being as I didn’t pay very close attention in geography I had to ask Mary, “How far is New Orleans?”

“I was thinking the same thing!” She said, quickly regaining interest in the trip.

“Why hadn’t I even thought of it?” I asked aloud, yet more to myself.

“It’s another ten hours, or two hundred and seventy miles.” She looked over at me. I wanted to go, she wanted to go, but that damned time frame! I only had five days to get out to San Diego so that I could get to my interview that Monday.

“So essentially we’re adding another ten hours to get to San Diego.”

“Yeah,” she replied. I took a second with it. I played with the idea. I would love to go to New Orleans, stop out at the Emeril’s restaurants, go to bourbon street, party hardy for a night. Then I looked at the time. We would get there at about one o’clock in the morning, and have to start driving by eleven that same morning.I explained this all to Mary with my concluding thoughts.

“So ultimately it’d be stupid to do that. We wouldn’t even get to do anything.” Call it poor planning.  “We’re going to need a hotel for tonight though, you want to check out a motel first? It needs to be cheap.”

Discouraged, but still happy to be going to Memphis (though she did bring up Nashville), she began to research. We went back and forth about the pricing for the night. I knew it had to be cheap especially since I had not anticipated Mary running out of money after day one. After a few minutes she began looking at reviews for the cheapest. She started laughing!

“Oh my god! Listen to this review!” She said in between laughing. “Okay, here goes from nikosfrijoles’I was only visiting for a night, but it was horrible! The noise was ridiculous, the thugs numerous, and can someone tell me why the maids use walmart carts?'”

It was all she could read without breaking out into laughter.

“I wanna stay there!” She held up the phone for me to see the review. “I just wanna see that shit!”

“Looks like we won’t be staying there.” I laughed with her.

“Ghetto! HAHA Walmart carts! That’s some crazy shit!”

Little did we know that when we arrived even the one we had settled on by Dreamland and the airport was a no-go. The whole place was ghetto. It was gross to drive through. We finally found a hotel that had a gated lot. It made sense with the amount of cops running after someone running past. Then a swarm of cops at a corner motel (probably the one we first researched). The Clariton was way more than I wanted to spend but it was a place to stay, had a security team roaming the grounds, camera’s, and a gated parking area. We checked in and I pulled my bike from the back of my car. I was not about to take the chances.

It was a nice trip all in all. By the time we hit Mississippi it was dark, so we didn’t really see too much of that countryside. We grabbed a few beers and passed out shortly to wake the next morning, make sure my car wasn’t set on fire in a riot, and begin our next journey.

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My third Query Letter

Writing a query letter to an agent is something that seems like a horrible task when reviewed and researched on-line.  Never being one to quit I took the advice of many agents, authors, and reviewers into view when compiling this query.  Please tell me what you think, and again take the poll.

“The climbing number of terrorist actions had brought the world to Washington D.C. for Mr. Rakford’s inauguration.  At a place of peace and in a time of hope did death and fear strike by the force of “Christian” terrorists.

Andrew Rakford, 35, was a man of altruistic authority when he was named President of the United States.  Wanting to take the woes of the world and turn them into victories along with the wrongs into rights, would he make the world a better place.  He wasn’t, however, the only one with a plan.  His mother always reminded him that God had many great things for him to accomplish, but as these plans came to confrontation the world began taking an agonizing turn.  Though they melded and worked perfectly together, it remained tethered at the final result of Andrew.  Would he be the best president in years, releasing the world of the terrorist hold, or the greatest evil known to man in the form of the Antichrist?”

possible synopsis…

Good morning! I am writing to you now with the hopes that some of you will happily provide some feedback on which of the following three synopsis’ would make you want to read “The Unexpected”


Everyday across the media there are invigorating statements relating to the end of the world.  Nostradamus, the Bible, and the mayan calendar all predict the end to be in 2012.  What if we lived to see a world beyond this where there was peace and abundance.  What if this was the perfect world to begin the ultimate chapter of the end, the Revelation.

When Andrew Rakford becomes President of the United States of America he wishes his mother was there because she was the one that always said that God had a great plan for him.  Now as he grows and survives multiple terrorist attacks his life begins to change without much more than a thought towards it.  Forgetting his mother and moving forward with his own plans he soon finds what this great plan had always been.  The Anti-Christ has never been  a position that has been so well taken with a drive and dillegence as by Andrew Rakford


The threats of 2012 loom everyday on the news, in our minds, and across civilization.  What if we made it past this to see a world that initiates it’s president with an Inaugural massacre which makes way to the great Christian Revolt?  “The Unexpected” creates a world much like the one we live in today but filled with anxious twists of what’s norm, from Christian terrorists, blatant execution without due diligence, and modern day concentration camps.

Andrew Rakford is a young President of the United States starting out at the youngest age allowable, 35.  With a swarm of warped memories of his childhood and life practices Andrew is capable of using charm as well as intelligence in attempts to literally make everybody happy.  Till he learns of the truth of his mother’s reactions to his life, and the true reason why his father had left so many years ago does he remain a man of unfathomable patience and kindness.  Smart twists to the plot and story line add the dramatic effect of this novel never truly allowing the reader to see what will happen, though told through a third person omniscient point of view.


Imagine that you are at the ripe young age of 35.  You’ve just received a promotion where you feel you can make everything better, the wrongs into rights and the woes into victories.  You’re mother always used to tell you that you were going to be a mighty man of God after a priest had prophesized this for you.  Here you sit being agnostic, but still having a love for your deceased mother, her lovely sayings, and realistic revelations.

The Christians have united and created a terrorist group that is reigning destruction on the United States and countries abroad because they feel that the government has become too corrupt to go on.  A combination of assassination attempts, terrorist attacks, and a plethora of missing people finally makes you initiate a plan in order to keep the world safe.  A plan that would ensure people follow you, and don’t oppose you.  A plan where the world is the edge of your every command.  You now know that you are the President of the United States, and you are the Anti-christ.