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A writer’s Transition and Woes

What was meant to be an fun and interactive event for my readers has gone terribly awry. Each day as I traveled along the continent I wanted to enable time constraints to indulge readers with the experiences, thoughts, and transitions made along the way. I wanted it to read as if a book was unfolding in real time. Without any possibilities of foreshadowing, or hinting, because the future was still yet to be determined. This would certainly prove to be a book (okay, well blog… in book format) with no boundaries or end because there was no end.

This proved impossible with days where we were driving for 22 hours straight. Days where we had to sleep in the car at a truck stop along the way. Days where simply having the car out of sight with every single one of my belongings inside was enough to cause the type of stress that leads to a restless night of sleep. Even now, I sit in a hotel room (still waiting to hear back from all of my applications for apartments), my personal belongings tucked away into storage, and the inability to find the appropriate cords to connect my camera or phone to the computer in order to upload the pictures I want to accompany my stories.

I have found a job, so don’t worry too much about that, but the living situation could definitely improve. Keep an eye posted as I will be posting several stories relating to different sections of my travels leading right up to my current day. I’m not sure if the story will end there, but I’ll make sure it contains a happy ending, no matter the true outcome.

Never before in my life have I contemplated the possibility of being homeless. The funds are quickly dwindling, and so is my patience. Having a roof over head now is great, but where in the world am I with these rental applications?