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Creating the Ultimate Marketing strategy

Dear Readers,

You may wonder where in the world Carmen San Diego is, or search through a picture to find Waldo, but there is no reason you should have to search high and low to find me, Mr. Caleb A. Mertz. (Hey! I like the way that sounds, Mister Caleb A. Mertz!!!) I do certainly apologize for my lack of attentiveness on my blog here as you’re days grind by with the regular push of the sun continuously working to ensure time continues as anything else.

I do want to fill you in on what’s been going on with this blog lately. There are three things, mostly. and ! I now own three different domains on the internet and am currently trying to fill their pages with useful knowledge of the little things I know just a bit about.

I certainly hope I know who I am. I have been playing with a few different templates for this site, but currently the original is the best. Some updates are on the main page, plus I added my BRAND NEW REVIEW on!

This magazine was something I thought up of while pondering the wondrous world of self-employment. Each day, as I research further and further into the publishing and marketing worlds I learn more useful information that I could relay to readers and authors that would allow some success. The name is derived from “the Underground Literary Magazine“. I wanted to share the world of underground literary publications with the world, thus I have begun the developing stages of this magazine and website. I hope to eventually get this guy into print, but I’m starting with an on-line version first.

Acque, Italian for water, is my first venture into a true business. Drawing up a business plan has proven to be invaluable as I continue to develop better products and services based on the market research that goes into just the plan alone! “Be the Celebrity you are” is our phrase encouraging those self published authors to take a look at the services we provide. The great thing about this business is that I was the first client. The man who is initiating it’s existence went through all of the dilemma’s and tracking necessary to encourage strong growth. All of these except for are still in the process of investigation and trial.

With all of that, though, I hope you can understand why I have been vacant on this account. However, my agent, Greg, at Acque Marketing has encouraged I continue to punch in my blog, and update my facebook and twitter.

Ultimately, these ideas are just the beginning of what I hope to be a total revitalization of my self. And hey, if they were not to succeed, I have that much more experience under my belt. Maybe then I will have the wit and the wisdom to see the things that I hadn’t initially planned for. I will come out strong with book sales, and hopefully a strong presence in the literary world!

Thank you for reading!

Caleb A. Mertz