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Gaywhatdoyacallit…Will that Work?

“Ahh, the gays,” my friend kindly posts on her facebook wall moments before she is to arrive and hang out with me and a few of my friends. Gay, a word that I have come to accept as something that will never go away; a token of gratitude to sum up my life in one word. A legacy of shopping, emotion, and shared music that I will strive to fulfill everyday. Those that have convened many of my likes as their friends have someone to turn to for whatever the occasion. Caring, enthusiastic, and supportive of mostly anything our friends have to say or do is what we tend to do. When my friend arrives and repeats, in person, her facebook post I interpret exactly what I had originally thought. Her sense of relief, a chance to get away, a chance to be around people that love her, compliment her, and accept her. It is the likes of those that genuinely enjoy the presence of such amicable beings. So where does the hate, injustice, and avoidance of general civil rights fit in?

Amazed at the articles that come up when I type “gay rights” into google is what prompts this simple article. Relevant news is a disdain for those that have hope for civil rights. Many say there is nothing wrong with finding love in another person of the same sex, but the values of families will be up-held, hence no gay marriage. These contradictory statements influenced by religion, bigotry, and ignorance smear the face of the current attempts at gay marriage legalization. Michele Bachman (Republican PRESIDENTIAL candidate) answers a little girls question regarding LGBT rights. She states that if she were to be nominated as a face or voice for LGBT rights that she would guarantee the same civil rights to LGBT, but then goes on to state that they are free to marry a woman if they are a man, and a man if they are a woman. This is the same woman that is trying to oppose the reason Zach Wahls stood and gave testament to pass this bill in Iowa. Zach Wahls is a young man of 19 years that was raised by lesbian parents proudly standing to allow marriage and union between two partners of the same sex.

“Ahh, the gays,” Somewhere beyond high school it’s hoped and wished upon that people grow up. Jonah Mowry posted a strong message on youtube regarding homosexuality and bullying in school. Though he is apparently loved by everyone in his school, he wanted to stand and make a voice for those that aren’t so vocal. For the young ones who aren’t sure how to deal with the stress’ of the situation. My book, WITH THOUGHTS OF JASON investigates bullying in school, and the true life back issues that arise from such bullying. It is not an overstatement by a few sensitive people.  Those gays that made it past this sometimes terrible time of their youth know the strength that comes of it. Those gays that were able to make friends and express themselves in their youth by being out and open without judgment by their closest friends are testament to all. These are brave young men and women that have to do this. Think of it, the American youth leading way into the future. Being promised that after high-school everyone matures. Yet they have to watch the ignorance pasted across the media regarding homosexuality; by adults.

Yet and still I wonder is the hate actually spreading? Again, reviewing the news thread that came up regarding gay rights I find an interesting article that I would have usually just perused over. The Washington Post states the following headline: Bill outlawing gay marriage in oil-rich Nigeria puts foreign HIV, AIDS funding at risk.  Where is the accentuation in this headline? I would assume the HIV/AIDS funding. However as you read over the article it talks of homosexual acts of crime being punishable under Islamic Sharia law, by stoning to death. How is this not anything worthwhile of a headline? This is a law that is about to be passed…not even grandfathered in. Though the marriage equality issues we are struggling through; imagine it being lawful to kill someone because they are gay.  One of the men on the courts in Nigeria is extremely adamant on making this death sentence a strong possibility. This bill still has two steps to go before becoming an actual law to be executed.

Do we need a new word for marriage, as some have stated marriage is not appropriate? As I recall something like civil union, and domestic partnership was welcome enough for me. Or do we actually have to minimize the hate, and illegitimate behaviors of those that oppose gays? Those like the mayor of Troy, Michigan, Janice Daniels, who states she was giving up her “I love New York” bag because they marry gays there.

Everybody has their secrets, their wants, their needs, desires, and guilty pleasures. Because one statement, “I’m gay” allows a flood of assumptions on character and morality doesn’t mean that we aren’t all different. How is it that we are fighting a fight that has been done before? Oh, I know. Religion. The amount of marriages that are desecrated in front of God’s name everyday by those of the heterosexual nature, yet the possibility of a homo actually loving out side of sexual endeavors is slim to none. Homosexuality is a sin of the flesh, and the fallacies of such lifestyle are of satan.

Stop the ignorance. Stop the hate. Stop the blockade on our civil rights. Last I checked I was human, and with all this hate believe me, I checked.

Be part of something Big!

Does this teaser look like something that you would be interested in reading?

The Friendly Librarians and the public eye

Good Evening.

Days come and days go as we work out our daily lives at the professional establishments we call “work”.  Being a restaurant manager some may say that it is a bit easier for me to be able to talk to people and get to know them on a closer and more personal level.  I can attest to this, but only as long as the restaurant isn’t crashing and burning before your very eyes.  In the process of table touching (talking to each table to ensure that the food is great, and the service fast, efficient, and friendly) it is very easy to get wrapped up in conversation with the guests about food, their favorite chef, the weather, or sometimes your book!

It all started out when I saw these three ladies come into one of my previous restaurants.  I was working as a server and I waited on the table.  I made mention to all of my co-workers that Bam Margera’s mom was at my table. Though it wasn’t actually her people found it funny at how much she really looked like Bam’s mom.  Two of the three ladies had since returned to my newest restaurant where I manage.  We began talking about their favorite server and soon got onto a poster for my book signing.  Then the ladies let me know that they work for  the Bethlehem Library, are presidents of boards, and entrepreneurs themselves.

I paused for a moment at the disbelief.  I had been talking to these ladies for the longest of time.  They had been frequenting my restaurants and now all of the sudden I come to find out that they could hold a key to the furtherance of my writing career.

“dress the part”

The ladies are always working on new things and have the utmost anticipation for the best from all that they support.  It comes down to never giving up an opportunity to make a new connection whether at work or walking down the street.  If you are trying to become a public figure, act and dress like one.  There are many sayings that refer back to this such as “dress for the job you want”, “dress the part”, and my personal favorite (sprouting from a break up) “fake it, till you make it”.

All authors and writers have their own distinct methods. Some go to cafe’s and write out their little stories in hopes that they will be the next success story like J.K. Rowling. While others write whenever they can and whatever they can. I don’t currently have an agent or public relations manager so I have to go out and do everything for myself. All of the marketing, the talking, the phone calls, the ads, and even the website up keep is all up to me. I realize, from talking with other local authors, that this is actually a common practice and very few people ever really see that agent that works just as hard for them as the author did coming up with the story or article. These are, however, the sorts of things that give us all our own additional goals.

These ladies just so happened to pop up, but I wonder. What if we all asked everyone we ran into about their reading? How far could we get if absolutely everyone we knew realized that we were writers?

Please take time to write a comment or post a similar story, be sure to tell how you felt as of this revelation.

Thank you

Blogging….as a career?

To my fans,

I am sitting here this late evening after work wondering about what it is I would like to do in the future.  Well actually I am just day dreaming about what I would like to do as some of the guests in the restaurant I manage were quite difficult tonight.  Ridiculous complaints was all I really heard, but what makes them so bad is the people get vicious.  You would almost think that I was insulting their children or something horrible like that.

The truth be told I do love the restaurant industry and intend on staying in it.  I was, however, looking over freelance writing perspectives over the past few weeks and have noticed that there are many people asking bloggers to write for cash!  I have never blogged before, but I figured I might as well give it a try if people are willing to pay for blogs to be written. Here I am a little past midnight writing it up.

As it turns out freelance writing can be an adventure and beneficial fiscally as well.  The only situation that I have had a problem with in the past, and probably still have is GRAMMAR .  There is always, however, a remedy.  I am currently using the aid of my friends over at to help me get better at identifying grammar mistakes and problems.  I love incomplete sentences and I love missing lots of my punctuation.  I still double space after a period, (is that wrong?)

No matter what, I am still going to be taking strides at getting better with my writing skills.  I believe that a story written correctly and in a manner that people can relate and understand will be a best seller.  My current work can not have minor grammar mistakes so I am sure I will cheat and hire an editor.  I just thought it was a fun fact to inform everyone of, knowing that you can get paid for writing your thoughts in blog form.

Thank you for your time,

Caleb A. Mertz